Why-Bangladesh? Why-Now?

Bangladesh began its journey in 1971 with a production of 10 million Metric Ton rice, the staple food for its about 76 million people inhabiting in a 142 thousand square kilometers of land. Despite shrinking of cultivable lands due to the growing population, expansion of industrial sectors, and also severe impacts of climate change, Bangladesh managed to triple its rice production which is over 34 million Metric Ton now in a cultivable land of 8.5 million hectares only. The contribution of agriculture sector to the GDP of the nation is 14.75 percent and it still absorbs the biggest share of labour force. Bangladesh has made remarkable development in agriculture sector in recent years. It Is not doubt that the agriculture sector of Bangladesh is a Major sector and investing in this sector is almost always rewarding because the country has such a long term experience in the industry. Not only does the Nation successfully grow enough crops to feed its population but it is also involved in mass export of Rice, Jute & Tea. It is said that approximately 30% of Bangladesh’s GDP comes from agriculture and this sector employs 60% of the Labour force of the country- which makes it largest producing economic sector of the country.